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Creating a healthy breakfast habit

Updated: Nov 16, 2019

If your house is like ours, mornings are busy! It is so easy to skip breakfast or reach for breakfast cereals, muffins or toast.

Unfortunately these choices raise your blood sugar and then drop it within a very short time, this can leave you feeling bloated and sluggish. They can also contribute to unwanted weight gain.  

Cereals whether it be from wheat, corn or oats are usually highly refined. Even some of the ‘healthy’ cereals have additives, flavours and sugars.

healthy breakfast habit
SHOPPING TIP: Don’t fall for the marketing on the front of the packet! Be suspicious of claims like ‘low in GI’ ‘high in protein’ ‘lowers cholesterol’.

Next time you are at the grocery store rather than looking at the nutritional panel of your favourite cereal take a look at the ingredient list. If you see unfamiliar ingredients it may be time to find a cleaner replacement or choose a different breakfast option. Same goes for muesli bars, protein bars and other snacks that may be marketed as healthy.

So what should I eat for breakfast?

Ensure your first meal of the day includes a source of  protein & natural fat, even if it’s just something really small, it helps keep blood sugar stable and saves you from those cravings that appear out of nowhere. 

For those rushed mornings pre-make your breakfast the night before. My Steel Cut Oat Porridge or Chia Butter Pudding are great options. You can make a big batch and separate in small containers to grab and go in the morning & enjoy at work. 

Disclaimer: The information provided in this email is for informational purposes only. Functional Health Canberra does not treat, diagnose or cure any condition. Information is not intended to replace medical professional advice. Always consult your physician before any significant diet and lifestyle changes.

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