Tap away food and body obsession.

It is possible and we are going to show you how!

Nutrition and Tapping Online Program

Are you sick of another 8 week program where the results never last?


Our program has tapping videos and audios that mean you break free from the blocks that are the real cause of the binge eating.


We show you how to uncover WHY you are self sabotaging on the diets and how to never go on another diet again.


There is a 1 hour tapping session included just for you. 


Science-based Nutrition Education

With a non-diet approach to Nutrition we have combined experience and knowledge of Dietetics and Functional Nutrition to give you a step by step guide and the most up to date information to set you up for success. 


Guided EFT Tapping Sessions


We will show you how to use EFT Tapping for food cravings, limiting beliefs and self sabotage and as a powerful stress management tool though our video and audio tapping sessions.


One-on-one 60 minute EFT Tapping Session

When you sign up to the Tap into Food Freedom Program you get an individual tapping session with either Melissa or Renee  (Valued at over $150). 


Access Online via Desktop, Ipad or Smartphone

You have six months access to the Program and lifetime access to our private Facebook Group. The learning platform accessible and easy to use. 

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