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Tapping is a safe and easy self-help tool for kids.

Tapping can help kids and teens overcome fears, worries and stressors as well as build their self-esteem.

"EFT is an ideal tool for helping children increase their emotional intelligence and live happier lives, by giving them a simple tool they can use everyday to change the way they feel."

- Angie Muccillo Author of Tapping For Kids Advanced EFT Practitioner


What to expect in a tapping session with children?

  • Sessions are run together with the child and parent/s. Sometimes siblings like to join in too

  • Sessions are interactive, we all tap along together

  • We use variety of tools to help kids connect such as drawing and toys

  • 40 minutes is scheduled for each session and a minimum of 3 sessions is required 



No services offered here diagnose or treat specific conditions or replace professional medical advice. If you are concerned, please visit your GP. The aim of these services is to help balance and support your body to allow it to work at its best.

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