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For Workplaces, Teams and Businesses. 

Facilitated workshops are tailored to suit your audience. Topics can be run individually or grouped together to create a 90 minute program. Delivered via Zoom or in-person for Canberra region.

"Now more than ever we need to take care of ourselves and each other. Our physical and

mental health is vital"

- Melissa Kovacevic, Clinical EFT Practitioner and Functional Nutrition Coach

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EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques)

EFT is based on a combination of principles from ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.  EFT is a powerful stress management tool that can assist and manage symptoms of anxiety and stress. I specifically work with clients around food cravings, emotional eating patterns or comfort eating and limiting self-beliefs. 

How does EFT work?

  • You tap with your fingertips on specific meridian endpoints on your face and body, while focusing on a negative emotions or physical sensation. This helps to calm the nervous system, rewiring the brain to respond in healthier ways and in turn restoring the body’s energy system.

  • EFT has a calming effect on the amygdala (the stress center of the brain) and on cortisol which is the body’s primary stress hormone. EFT has been shown to reduce cortisol by at least 24% in only one hour.

As a Certified Clinical EFT Practitioner I can introduce and demonstrate the techniques to the group. There will be opportunity for the group to try EFT if they would like to participate in the group demonstration. 


Participates will also receive a handout with the ‘Tapping’ meridian points and summary of how to do EFT themselves.

Functional Nutrition Workshop

Functional Nutrition is based on the philosophy that nutrition is more than just the food we put into our body. Melissa’s functional approach to nutrition considers not just calories and nutrients but also other influences such as lifestyle, your environment and emotional well being.

Topics can include:

  • Strategies to improve nutritional intake via food-based recommendations;

  • Healthy cooking, simple organisation and preparation tips;

  • Tips to reduce food waste; 

  • Common food myths and misconceptions explained;

  • How to read food labels, avoid additives and preservatives;

  • Gut health & immune function;

  • Sports performance nutrition;

  • Family meal planning;

  • Hormone balance and weight management;

  • Mindful and intuitive eating practices;

  • Chemical stress and tips to reduce your toxic load. 

All participants receive a handout with Functional Health Guidelines that can be implemented in their own homes.



No services offered diagnose or treat specific conditions or replace professional medical advice. If you are concerned, please visit your GP. The aim of these services is to help balance and support your body to allow it to work at its best.

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