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Can EFT Tapping help me lose weight?

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

Short answer is, yes it can!

Tapping has helped me personally maintain my ideal weight, get back to my pre-baby weight twice. More importantly it has released me from constantly obsessing over my weight.

My good friend and dietitian Renee says, "It's ALL about the food, but got NOTHING to do with the food."

I think the same goes with weight loss. My clients will often comment after a couple of sessions that we haven't worked on their 'weight loss'. They go onto say they are feeling much better and effortlessly making healthy food choices.

I explain that we may not be working on weight loss in the ways we are use to, through restrictive diets and deprivation. What we are doing is creating permanent change.

I have had the pleasure of seeing may of my clients reach their weight loss goals when we use EFT tapping techniques in the following ways:

1. Tapping to reduce stress and anxiety

This can be a big contributor to weight gain or just the inability to reach your weight loss goal.

When we are stressed and we have high levels of cortisol (stress hormone) flooding our body it slows down digestion and then that has a flow on affect. Not to mention it impacts on immune, endocrine and nervous systems.

When we tap we reset our nervous system and release the effects stress has on our body. Tapping has now been scientifically proven to reduce cortisol. You can read more about the science here if it interests you.

2. Reduce food cravings

When it comes to food cravings we can have emotional anchors linking eating to positive feelings or we eat to shut down feelings altogether.

Tapping can give us a safe way to feel our emotions which can reduce the desire to eat. We do this during sessions as well as tapping in the moment when you are experiencing a food craving.

3. Release negative beliefs about weight, food and our body

Negative beliefs are often unconscious and formed at a young age and prevent us from losing and maintaining weight.

These beliefs often sabotage our ability to lose weight.

Tapping is extremely effective in helping people change deep-rooted unconscious beliefs. As soon as we identify a belief, we can tap on it! Just tapping on the belief itself, can be very powerful.

The second stage to this is tapping on specific events and memories that may still hold an emotional charge, which may be holding the belief in place. A good question to ask is where did I learn this? Who taught me this? This is where working with an accredited EFT Practitioner can be very helpful.

This is a basic overview of how I personally use tapping and how I use it with my clients to help with weight loss and management. If you would like to know more you can book a complimentary call with me or join my Weekly Tapping Group.

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